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Course Work



The article is about the future of NVH. First, article narrates the meaning of NVH and then tells about the future improvements in its technologies. It discusses the role of NVH in a vehicle that how much it is important and then further tells its advantages for making a vehicle smoother and quieter. This article also examines the conventional NVH practices and the future improvements. Then it ends with the example of Ford motor company.

NVH situates for noise vibration and harness. It is the medium of searching the foundation of a noise, vibration or shake. Noise is generally taken as unwanted sound, vibration can be felt instead of hearing and harshness describes the relentlessness that is linked with unwanted sound. NVH can also be associated with sound quality analysis that absorbs sharpness, loudness and some other levels.

Sound and vibration have a big impact on environment and all of us. They affect everything like the construction of our buildings, the safety of our vehicles etc. The cars go through some tests to determine that they can bear the mechanical shocks. So some safety equipment like airbags are good that use vibration transducers which can work as critical censors. These censors indicate danger and activate the right action.

It is appreciating that everywhere whether there is a science community, any sector of industry or in our daily life; people take care of sound and vibration and manage their dangerous effects. Lawmakers, consumers, health and professional experts are very much keen about noise that is a handy contaminant. Contemporary studies give us a chance to understand it in a well manner so that the new technologies can be developed.

Now this has become a primary goal for any automotive industry to reduce NVH. Making of the quietest and smoothest cars has become competitive. Many strict laws are being introduced in automotive industry where especially noise norms are being set for automotive industry.

It is being observed that the demand for NVH test equipment is increasing and the market for this has a good scope. NVH is considered to be an essential part of any product development that collects all the processes as validation, design, predictive analysis development. NVH test equipment has noise dosimeters, shakers and controllers, analyzers, sound level meters and microphones.

Due to new technologies that are emerging everyday, the PC based analyzers are being developed. Some multi channel NVH data acquisition systems, anechoic test cells, acoustic holography devices, laser vibrometers all are being developed.

Before discussing the future of NVH in details, the applications of NVH test equipment should be understood. Its applications are following (S. Vidyasankar, 2005):

  • Testing of Sound Power
  • Testing of Engine Noise Vibration
  • Testing of Acoustic Performance
  • Testing of Pass by Noise
  • Testing of telephone
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Testing of Structural Vibration
  • Environmental Noise Measurements


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